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Special Information for Tax Preparation and Law Changes

Tax preparation update:

At this time we are back to normal due dates for tax returns.  Partnership and corporate tax returns are typically due March 15th and individual returns are due April 15th.  Extensions are available for returns.

Relief Available:

Other measures including credits and payments to taxpayers are being worked on, but an implementation system is not yet set.  We will keep updating this as we receive official updates.  To get the most recent update from the Taxpayer Advocate Service, click here.  

CARES Act Individual Refund/Rebate--The IRS has not released further information on how they will refund the credit, but right now the maximum credit is $1200 for an individual and $2400 for a married couple plus $500 for each qualifying child.  This amount will phase out starting at $75,000 for individual filers and $150,000 for joint filers.  The amount will be based on the 2018 return or the 2019 return if it has been filed.

If you did not need to file a 2018 or 2019 return but would like to register for the Economic Impact Payment, click HERE.

Loans for Small Businesses:

Businesses may be able to receive loans through the SBA.  You can go to the SBA's Disaster Loan website to access more information and the application forms.  You can access their website here.

If you are interested in the Payroll Protection Program you can access general information at the SBA website, but please contact your bank for more information about filing an application.

If you received a PPP loan, the SBA has released the application for forgiveness.  You access a copy of the application here.

Other Business Options:

If your business has payroll costs you may be eligible for the Employee Retention Credit.  You can access more information about this credit that is part of the Form 941 filing here.

We care about the safety of our team members and our customers.  We have always had our office professionally cleaned, and we always clean our meeting rooms between meetings.  We continue to do this, just with more awareness of our procedures.

There are a variety of options for forwarding your tax documents.  Your tax forms can be mailed to our locked mailboxes at our street address or our PO Box.  If you prefer to forward documents to us electronically, we can provide you with a link to a secure Citrix upload website or a document transfer portal.  Your documents can also be dropped off in our drop box during our business hours M-F 9-5.

When it is appropriate we can still meet in person when you pick up your tax returns.  We can set that up as soon as we receive your tax documents.  We have also always offered telephone appointments.  You can select this option for this year as well.  We have video meetings available as well.  It gives us almost all of the benefits of an in-person meeting, and it is very easy for you to participate in the meeting.

We are here for questions or concerns.  Please let us know what we can do to help!


The information and calculators on this website should not be relied upon without the advice of a qualified tax consultant.